Sierra Tequila Blanco – The original with the red sombrero from Mexico

Sierra Tequila is available in more than 90 countries worldwide, but is still traditionally made in Jalisco, Mexico. The Tequila comes from the family run distillery, Destilería Sierra Unidas, on a historic Hacienda in Guadalajara, also known as the capital of tequilas. The complex production process begins with carefully hand-picking the exquisite Agaves from the state of Jalisco, and then a gentle double distillation process in pot stills – setting the highest of standards. After the distillation process, Sierra Tequila Blanco rests in stainless steel tanks. This harmonises the Tequila. Finally, the Tequila is filled into the unique bottles with the well known red sombrero. Sierra Tequila Blanco is a clear Tequila. It has a full, fruity, fresh aroma with a slight chilli note, enhanced by the blue weber Agave and light notes of green apple and young pineapple.

Sierra Tequila is known worldwide for its famous shot ritual and should not be missing from any party: Salt – Sierra Tequila Blanco – lemon

All product benefits at a glance:

  • Mexican Tequila from Guadalajara
  • Fruity, fresh aromas with a light chilli note
  • Made from hand-picked blue weber Agave
  • Ideal as a shot with salt and lemon
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