The Mexicans are celebrating their independence - and Sierra Antiguo too, of course.

The foundations of the independent Mexico that we know today has its origin with the Independence Day, which began with Miguel Hidalgo who is remembered nowadays as a hero. It was him who announced Mexico's independence from the Spanish crown in the 19th century and called the people to fight to the sound of the church bell in the city of Dolores.

Part of the Mexican heritage arises at this time. Reason enough to honour him with a fruity Margarita with Sierra Antiguo. Made from 100% Agave, Sierra Antiguo is produced and bottled exclusively in Mexico. Sierra Antiguo is deeply rooted in Mexico and reflects on old traditions while at the same time looking to the future, towards a modern Mexico.

There are no limits to cocktail recipes with Sierra Antiguo, whether the choice is the velvety smooth character of Sierra Antiguo Plata or the full-bodied Sierra Antiguo Añejo - there is something for every taste. With our Margarita creations, we take the holiday as an opportunity to discover the fascination of Tequila as an artisanal spirit full of tradition, history, and diversity. Our recommendation is the Mango-Chilli Margarita and Kiwi-Black Pepper Margarita.

¡Viva México!