We don’t really need a reason to party but sometimes we want one and what better reason is there than WORLD PARTY DAY?! And lucky you – it’s right around the corner. On 3rd of April, it is time to celebrate our favourite thing to do, so step up, get your party people together and LEAD THE PARTY!

Sierra Tequila will help to get you ready for the big day. First things first you need shots. Say no more – as a classic, Sierra Tequila Blanco, perfect with salt and a slice of lemon or Sierra Tequila Reposado with cinnamon and a slice of orange, a unique ritual that brings people together – freaking delicious. If you like it fruity and spicy a must-have is our NEW SIERRA SHOT - Sierra Tropical Chilli, ideally pure as a shot. And if the weather lets you party outside, get our Sierra Tequila and Sierra Tropical Mini’s, which are perfect on the go!

Next, use the opportunity of World Party Day to gear up. You’ve got everything you need? Maybe some new shot glasses and a shot tray? In our Sierra Tropical Shot Pack BIG you get a Sierra Tropical Chilli bottle, Sierra Tequila 2cl LEAD THE PARTY shot glasses and our Tropical Sombrero Shot Tray – THE perfect set for your party. You want to know what makes it even better? Try our code “TROPICAL20” for a discount on our Sierra Tropical Shot Pack BIG and get 20% off.

Apart from good shots and some gear, we recommend awesome music to get your party started and of course we have the solution for you – check out our Community Playlist (external Link) on Spotify, put the favourite songs of other party leaders on, and add songs that make you go wild on the dancefloor!

Another party starter is a fun game with your party people. If you want to get to know your party guests better or want them to mingle more, you could play the usual party games “never have I ever” or “two truths and a lie”. Or you could try the challenge game – you write down three challenges per guest that wants to participate and the first person to complete all three without getting caught wins! Challenges could be as easy as “Get someone to pick something up for you” or a little crazier like “Get someone to do a dance battle with you” or LEAD THE PARTY with a challenge like “Bring everyone a shot of Sierra Tropical”. So go and get creative on World Party Day because the options are endless.

Even though we’re all for living in the moment we also love seeing all the fun moments from your parties. Take photos and videos and capture the memories of your celebration on World Party Day and show us how YOU lead the party! So, share your moments on social media and tag @sierra_tequila with the hashtags #worldpartyday #sierratequila #sierratropical #leadtheparty.

Cheers, to a memorable World Party Day!